Jerome Waag, chef at Chez Panisse, will be making tacos at Fujiichi Yakitori Bar tomorrow evening, October 26 from 7pm-10pm, in the Omoideyokucho alleyway in West Shinjuku.

The tacos will be filled with yakitori meat and maguro head meat. Yakitori off the regular Fujiichi menu can also be ordered. This event will also feature a three-piece mariachi band.

To get to Fujiichi Yakitori Bar「富士一」from the Shinjuku train station, take the west exit and walk past Uniqlo. Go through the alleyway to get to the green sign that says “Omoideyokocho” 「思い出横丁」.

Omoideyokocho alleyway 「思い出横丁」

Fujiichi Yakitori Bar「富士一」
Address: Fujiichi Yakitori Bar, 1-2-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Phone: 03-3342-0389

photos Yuko Sato